Thai marriage

Thai Marriage

Thai marriage in Thailand can be easy to do. Foreigners have recently been interested in celebrating their weddings according to the traditional Thai custom, with the excitement to experience the unique kind of ceremony. Thus, there is a need to acquire knowledge regarding the basic legalities of how a Thai marriage operates.

Thai marriageThai Marriage

Thai law provides couples who wish to marry in Thailand the option of either a traditional ritual or an ordinary court procedure. The Civil Commercial Code of Thailand prescribes several requirements to make a marriage legally binding.

First, both parties should be eligible for marriage: meet the minimum age and mental health requirements. It is also required that both parties should have no existing marriage with another person, and should not be related by blood or any adoptive relation between both parties.

Second, the Civil Commercial Code of Thailand also requires various documents to solemnize the marriage. These documents vary according to different nationalities planning to get married in Thailand.

For Thai nationals, they are required to present the following documents:

  • –          Thai National ID or either or both parties;
  • –          House Registration Certificate;
  • –          Proof of termination of previous marriage, if applicable;
  • –          Witnesses to support the authenticity of the claims;

For foreign applicants, these are the requirements:

  • –          Copy of valid passport and other travel documents;
  • –          Affidavit of Freedom to Marry from the Embassy;
  • –          Thai translation of affidavit certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;

Foreigners who wish to marry in Thailand should first appear in person at their embassy with their passport and arrival card to be able to obtain the affidavit of Freedom to Marry. Once the affidavit is obtained, it should be translated into Thai language by a reputable translation office. All these documents together with the copies of the translation and passports should be taken to the Legalization Division of Consular Affairs Department to be signed by the Consular Official. After these documents are completed, it will then be submitted to the Local District Office who is in charge of registering the marriage.

After registering the marriage in Thailand, the district registrar will then issue both parties with a marriage certificate written in Thai language in accordance to the procedure prescribed by Thai law. Always rake legal advice before you Thai marriage.

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