UK Tourist Visa for Thai national

UK Tourist Visa for Thai national

You can apply for a UK tourist visa for Thai national while in Bangkok or Pattaya. The UK Tourist Visa is intended for Thai girlfriends who plan to travel to the UK on a holiday to get to know your family and the cultural differences. It is also a good way to see to it that your Thai partner will be comfortable in the country prior to planning your marriage, whether be it in the UK or in Thailand.

UK Tourist Visa for Thai nationalUK Tourist Visa for Thai national

Living together with your Thai partner in the UK is very much different than having your holiday in Thailand. A UK Tourist visa is purely for the purpose of having your Thai partner visit the UK and not for residing permanently in the country.

Applying for this visa frequently might result to having the British Embassy notice it and eventually, especially staying more time in the UK than in Thailand, and perhaps deny your next visa application.

Applying for the UK Tourist visa is available in 6 months duration, or the 2 to 5 year duration which gives you 6 months in any year inside the UK. If granted the 6 month UK Tourist visa, your Thai partner should return to Thailand and should stay longer in Thailand prior to reapplying. Failure to comply would create an assumption from the British Embassy that you are making use of the visa to live illegally in the UK.

You must consider all aspects so it is best not to give chances for the UK Immigration about the intention of your travels. Having been granted the UK Tourist visa should be taken care as it does not mean that you will be granted another one if you apply again. Circumstances will be evaluated differently.

In order to have a successful application for the UK Tourist Visa, you must see to it that your documentation and presentation gives a good impression, and not create a negative impression for the British Embassy officer to think that you are not genuine. Most of the time, Thai applicants are have issues with their personal and financial circumstances in Thailand and may not have plans to return to Thailand after the permitted stay.

It is also recommended to hire the assistance of a visa expert, as the British Embassy gives much appreciation to proper presentation and documentation. It does not pay to be over confident with a visa application as the visa officer at the British Embassy may find a number of reasons to reject your UK Tourist Visa application anytime. This UK Tourist Visa for Thai national can also be explained on the main website in Bangkok.

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