Choosing a Law Firm in Thailand

Choosing a Law Firm in Thailand

Choosing a law firm in Thailand is very easy. Living abroad for a long period of time might result to having the need of legal assistance in helping you move through different stages in life. From instances like getting married, purchasing and selling real estate, starting a business, visa issues as well as drafting your Last Will and Testaments, legal assistance can be a big factor between having an efficient deal and a hard struggle through Thailand’s bureaucracy.

Choosing a Law Firm in ThailandChoosing a Law Firm in Thailand

The first thing you need to do when you decide to move to Thailand is contact a lawyer to assist you with arranging your business interests from scratch. As a foreigner in Thailand, one might have difficulties in finding a good law firm in Thailand. However, there are many open sources wherein you can seek help in locating a legal professional to work with.

The first places to start looking for a good lawyer is by word of mouth. You may refer to friends and relatives or business associates to quickly find someone who has recently hired the services of a law firm in Thailand. You may try to investigate and find out how their experience with that certain law firm was, and for which concern they hired the firm for. You may also wish to know if these lawyers can speak good English or any other language for you to be able to communicate effectively.

Referrals may also come from strangers wherein you can research through web posts and forums, specifically those websites being used by expats in Thailand where people share their experiences freely. Though people are most likely to post negative feedback based on their experiences, there are also positive ones out there especially with good lawyers who have created a huge impact on their life. Searching the internet for law firms in a certain city or region may also help in seeking the services that you need.

Never use the services of a law firm that you do not trust, or might as well change lawyers when you feel something wrong. After identifying which lawyers you want to work with, you might as well find out more information regarding the best options for you to decide on whom to hire. Cost of their service is definitely important, as much as professionalism, expertise and personality. Always remember this when choosing a law firm in Thailand.

It is highly recommended for you to arrange a meeting with your potential lawyers to be able to ask them specific questions regarding your concern, as well as their experience to help you determine which one is most suitable for your legal issue. In Thailand, law firms specialize in various services such as business law, family law, immigration, intellectual property and real estate. Those who have specialized fields will have lots of resources in handling your situation efficiently.

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