Child Support in Thailand

Child Support in Thailand

Child support in Thailand can be complicated when it comes to cases in a divorce where one of the parties goes back to their home country. The mode of payment is usually arranged together with the divorce, and those who leave Thailand prefer to make the payments twice a year because transfers are somewhat costly. When there is a divorce, one of the methods being used by foreigners is thru taking an extra US banking card and uses this to send money to the ex-wife from their own bank accounts at home. This mode of payment is usually cheaper compared to wiring money through money transfer agents.

Child Support in ThailandChild Support in Thailand

More than usual, bulk payments have its own set of downsides as most of the time the ex-wife tends to spend the six month child support all in a month, and then demands for more money afterwards. Imposing payment agreement would need a court order which can be issued by the Family Court in Thailand. The trouble with foreigners it that this agreement cannot be applied overseas, however the properties and investments one has in Thailand can be attached for this purpose. You also have to consider the child support amount in Thailand before the agreement can be made.

Child Support in Thailand

It is very rare in Thailand to have child support payment problems especially for unmarried couples. This is not common in Thailand when it comes to foreigners. If this should happen, an application to court has to be made and the court will decide on how much the child support would be, and the method of payment. As much as it is a rare case in Thailand, it does not mean that it could not happen to anyone. When the court is tasked to decide, they would look at the cash flow of the parents based on their incomes and expenses.

The court will also look at what are the needs of the child and decide from therein. The court would also take into consideration which assets each of the parents own and include that in their ruling. It is highly recommended to seek legal advice from Thai Family lawyers to assist you with the proceedings, as it will be in Thai language and all the documents you have which is in English would require to be translated in court. The process may also be confusing and best to speak to a family lawyer in Thailand.

Child Support in Thailand is rarely spoken about so speak to your attorney in Thailand about this as well as child legitimisation in Thailand if you have a child born out of wedlock in Thailand. Note that Muslim marriage as well as a standard Thai marriage will have the same laws appropriated to it.

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