Fathers rights in Thailand

Fathers rights in Thailand

Fathers rights in Thailand is hardly ever spoken about. For a father to establish the legitimacy of a child in Thailand is by means of providing facts that shows that they have a relationship as father and child. It should also prove evidence of the connection with the family which the child claims to be a part of, with facts that the father has been able to provide for the child’s education and child support or has permitted the child to use his family name. If the man is deemed unable to be a father, hence the case will be dismissed.

Fathers rights in Thailand

6 steps for Legalization of father’s rights in Thailand:

  • File a petition in court.
  • Have a social worker examine the background of both parents, individually, and submit a report to the court.
  • (This report will be filed in the Juvenile Division, and is not presented in front of the court.)
  • The first step in court would be a session to negotiate an agreement between the parties, and is done in front of a mediator where if both parties agree
  • (the said agreement will be put into writing and signed by a judge. This agreement will have the same weight as a final judgement.)
  • If there is no agreement between the parties, a trial will be made in front of the judge.
  • A decision will be rendered by the judge.
  • Custody rights will be registered following a judgement or an agreement.

Fathers rights in ThailandIt should be noted that in cases for legitimation or recognition of paternity rights, the court can only grant the plaintiff joint custody over the child. Another process should be done for modification of joint custody or sole custody. Plaintiff should first legitimise his or her rights prior to requesting a court decision regarding the custody.

Depending on where you apply for legitimation, some places combine both steps. If there is court settlement and both parties come up with an agreement, the said agreement often recognise parental powers of parents and will determine who gets custody of the child, including visitation rights and child support in Thailand. It is advisable to contact a family lawyer if you have any family law issue in Thailand. Fathers rights in Thailand should never be overlooked.

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