Thai Muslim Marriage

Thai Muslim Marriage

Muslim marriage are commonly held in Thailand. The Thai Muslim marriage does have its own procedures. You can have a wide variety of choices among Thailand’s wonderful locations to have your wedding. In traditional Muslim marriage in Thailand, the family of the groom is the ones to look for a bride for him. During the ceremony, religious rites will be done. If both the bride and groom are of Muslim religion, the bride’s family agreeing to the marriage, should provide a letter of consent. The letter will then be presented to the Imam at the mosque to signify legally the process of the Muslim marriage in Thailand.

Thai Muslim MarriageThai Muslim Marriage

The Imam is tasked to officiate the Muslim wedding in a mosque. The Thai dowry would then be presented prior to the wedding ceremony, consisting of a note signed by witnesses present at the turnover. The bride’s parents are obliged to accept the dowry negotiations before the wedding ceremony. The groom must repeat various verses from the Holy Koran before the wedding papers are signed, then the traditional ceremony will be completed.

Regardless of being a generally Buddhist country, the Kingdom of Thailand continues to be the top choice for marriage destinations among marrying couples with different religious and cultural backgrounds. The main reason is that Thailand caters a large group of religious institutions carrying out marriages observing the foreigners’ religion. Including Muslim couples coming to Thailand for marriage and start the Thai Muslim marriage process.

Marrying in Thailand under Islamic Laws for a Muslim marrying another Muslim, or a Muslim marrying a Non-Muslim, adheres to a simple and direct procedure. This process involves visiting the National Islamic Center in Bangkok where the marriage will happen. An appointment letter has to be submitted in advance as the center is not accessible all week. For a Muslim marrying a Non-Muslim, the latter should convert into Islam first, undergoing a ceremony that would take around 10 to 20 minutes. Then will the marriage be initiated and the Thai Muslim marriage process is complete.

Requirements for an Islamic Marriage in Thailand:

  • ·         Passport
  • ·         Single/ Divorce certificate or Death certificate, whichever is applicable for female party
  • ·         7 pcs recent photos (1.5 in x 1.5 in)

Take note that for nationalities of UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain and Maldives, you will be required to provide a letter of consent from your Embassy in Bangkok as an additional document.

Most Embassies in Thailand require their Muslim citizens to undergo an Islamic Marriage in Thailand before getting married under Thai law. The marriage would take place at the Islamic Center and requires the couple to dress appropriately, same as the guests attending the ceremony. The whole wedding ceremony would last for about 1 or 2 hours, and a Marriage Certificate will be issued by the marriage officer. Note that the normal Thai marriage registration is completed with the traditional Islamic ceremony.

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