Prenuptial Agreements Advantages

Prenuptial Advantages

There prenuptial advantages you should consider. Prenuptial Agreements have various advantages when couples write down and states who owns what. Disagreements regarding assets can be avoided in the future. This will give both spouses peace of mind. A fairly wealthy individual can see to it that their spouse-to-be is not marrying them just for the money, while a person who is not financially independent will feel secured in knowing how they will be compensated if ever the marriage turns upside down.

Prenuptial Agreements AdvantagesPrenuptial Advantages

If the marriage ends up in divorce, the presence of a prenuptial agreement will definitely lower the legal expenses of both parties. Although nobody wants their marriage to fail, advance preparations for the worst possible scenario can save you a bunch in the future.

If you are an owner or a part owner of some business, you might as well want to prepare a prenuptial agreement to see to it that your marriage does not affect the ownership of that company. If you do not have one prepared, your former spouse would be awarded a portion of that company in case of a divorce, which will make it difficult to manage a business. A prenuptial agreement also protects ones assets from the debts of the other partner under Thai Law. Consider the the prenuptial advantages here.

In this case, if your spouse-to-be had previous history on credit card debt or may have acquired a current one, as well, it will not be possible for debt collectors to seize your assets and properties to pay the debt off. It would secure you from this problem in case such will arise.

Thai Prenuptial Agreements will be upheld even in the death of a spouse. If you have properties which you wish to pass on to your dependents or successors, the prenuptial agreement sees to it that this property goes into your estate and is not automatically turned over to your spouse. Those who wish to ensure that their future marriage does not affect their children or grandchildren’s inheritance may want to consider a prenuptial agreement for financial security. There prenuptial advantages such as these.

Under Thai Marriage Law, the prenuptial agreement basically outlines all the assets and properties of both parties brought into the marriage and at the same time the management over in section 1476 of the Civil and Commercial Code listed marital assets during marriage. The prenuptial agreement can also summarise how the couple wishes to divide their marital assets in case the marriage is terminated by death or divorce. But in a contested divorce, the court in Thailand determines the execution of such clauses and compliance with Thai Laws.

Any terms not provided under the nature and principles of section 1533 (marital assets are divided equally between husband and wife) and section 1535 (husband and wife are equally liable for all common debts) will then be considered a violation of the law and is therefore void.Always speak to a family lawyer in Thailand about these prenuptial advantages .

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