Different Types of Divorce in Thailand

Types of Divorce in Thailand

Do you know the types of divorce in Thailand? For an uncontested divorce, this type of divorce is deemed the cheapest, least complicated and fastest as well as the most common way to terminate a marriage in Thailand. It is mostly chosen by those who are into the divorce process. Thai law states that in filing for an uncontested divorce, a mutual agreement to end the marriage is enough and no further grounds for divorce will be required. Both parties must present themselves at the local registrar to apply for the divorce.

Different Types of Divorce in ThailandTypes of Divorce in Thailand

For the contested divorce, this can be filed for even if only one party wants to apply for the termination of the marital contract. There are many cases wherein only one party wants to file for the end the marriage, on the other hand one wants to keep the marriage. This situation is uneasy and difficult as your option is to file it in a Thai court.

Proceedings will happen in a court of law. Contested divorce proceedings may be honored when definite grounds for divorce under Thai law are found. Common grounds for divorce in Thailand include absenteeism in the marriage which is destructive to the relationship, conflict over child custody and contradiction on the ownership of assets and properties. If this dispute cannot be settled personally between both spouses, then the court proceedings may be taken to terminate the marriage and make a resolution on the said dispute.

Couples whose marriage have been registered in another country, but have been employed and are residents in Thailand may also apply for a contested divorce in Thailand. Note the breakdown of the different types of divorce in Thailand list below.

Divorce for Thai couples: Usually, Thai couples file for an uncontested divorce to avoid further complications between themselves and their families. It is easier for them to settle issues amongst themselves and make an agreement on what they really want. It is a mutual decision that most Thai couples prefer when divorcing.

All concerns such as child custody, financial support and property rights and ownership are resolved in a private manner without any need for legal assistance. In cases where an agreement on one or more issues cannot be met, they may seek help from a lawyer to begin proceedings on drafting a divorce agreement which should then be registered with the local registrar.

Divorce for Thai and Foreigner couples: With a fast growth of expat population in Thailand, marriages between Thai nationals and foreigners has become increasingly common. But as what happens to most marriages, relationships are scarred which leads to a divorce. Situation arises and circumstances which cannot be predicted that caused marital problems happen. In these cases, it is common for a Thai spouse to suggest an uncontested divorce in Thailand.

However, foreigners should be aware that this type of divorce is not recognized in all countries, and some countries only uphold this type of divorce under special conditions. Prior to committing to an uncontested divorce, it is highly recommended that you seek legal advice, especially, as you do not hold what future would bring and lead you into, especially in cases where you are to remarry.

Divorce for Foreigner couples: In cases wherein two foreigners are involved and wish to file for a divorce, it is highly recommended that you seek professional advice from a divorce lawyer in Thailand before starting the proceedings. Some countries may not honor a divorce that has been sanctioned in Thailand, therefore excessive research for legal advice is very much needed prior to starting the whole process.

You will note the different types of divorce in Thailand and you will need to consider which category you fall under. The different types of divorce in Thailand is well known and you should take proper legal advice in this regards.

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