Living Will in Thailand

Living Will in Thailand

Consider a Living Will in Thailand. For many, Thailand is one of the nicest places to live happily ever after, but, not generally a great place for some to die. There are different views on how treatment is being given and performed in the Kingdom. These things may not be suitable amongst your families especially as ways of life are different abroad. For some, the process of treatment might seem imbalanced or maybe an uncomfortable process, especially to the dying or the loved ones left behind.

Living Will in ThailandLiving Will in Thailand

As a means of getting around this painful and upsetting situation, many advise you to draft Living Wills, which would be filled out before going to the afterlife.

Some people have Wills to benefit their families in order to enjoy the wealth after their deaths, but the Living Will is for you. It is for yourself, on how you want to be treated when you get ill. This document declares that you do not want to be resuscitated or be put on life support when the time comes that your health condition becomes terminal.

In simpler context, for assurance of a more natural death, instead of suffering from extensive and unnecessary medical procedures like many miserable patients, you may want to complete this document in both Thai and English and be kept with your medical records and/or relatives. There is no such thing as too soon to be doing this, as anyone could die or catch a deadly disease at any given time.

The Thai Living Will is also known as the Physician’s Directive, which is an advance instruction regarding your health care for medical treatment by a legally capable person. This is different from a Last Will because the Living Will specifies how you want to be taken care of while you are still alive, while the Last Will dictates how your assets will be distributed and funeral arrangements.

The Living Will does not have any concern regarding your property; it just refers to your decision in advance related to your treatment and medical care if ever the time comes that you will be unable to dictate those things due to incapacity or illness. You can state if you wish to be kept under life support in case there is no more chance of recovery after a terminal medical condition or a tragic accident.

It will definitely make it easier for your family to know which treatment or procedure you wish to have. And this would give them peace and without guilt on how treatment being given to you, as these are all clearly specified on your terms, under your terms.

The Living Will in Thailand is a form of advance instructions which specifies what actions are to be done in case you are no longer able to make decisions due to serious illness. The Thai Living Will is recognised under the Thailand National Health Care Act of 2007, which gives a person the right to refuse treatment when he or she reaches a terminal stage in life. It is a document written by a person when still in a legally fit condition requesting to be allowed to die instead of being artificially kept alive.

However, euthanasia or actively killing a person suffering from a terminal disease painlessly is still not allowed under the Thailand National Health Care Act. A Living Will could be a health care substitute or a part of a specific power of attorney wherein one is appointed to decide on their behalf when they are incapable to do so.

The Thai Living Will should be based on the regulations of the Ministerial Regulation, and it prohibits mercy killing or euthanasia. Here are some of the conditions or requirements for an individual to make a Living Will in Thailand:

·         Must be 18 years or older

·         Must specify the dates on the Living Will and all details of the person making the Will

·         Must specify which type of healthcare you do not wish to receive

·         Must be signed by the maker of the Will and a witness or witnesses, details of the witness or witnesses should also be specified, at least two witnesses should reduce any legal problems in the future (witnesses should not have personal interest with your properties)

·         Any relationship with the declarant should be specified.

Speak to a lawyer about a Living Will in Thailand instead of the standard law will and testament. The Living Will in Thailand in a new concept so take advantage of this.

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